GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety offers integrated telecom-infrastructure related services for operators and equipment manufacturers. We begin from the conception to installation and operations. We also provide premium-outsourcing solutions. Sharing facilities between departments invariably raises issues of security and performance guarantee challenges, especially as networks are intended to carry traffic that includes sensitive information. Such security concerns cover both the information transferred, as well as the equipment used to transport it.

This document addresses additional concerns that result from permitting authorized personnel from more than one department to access shared telecommunications rooms.

In order to safeguard the integrity and security of a standards-based telecommunications system to meet the highest standards technology has to offer, GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety implements the best solutions for security controls and any additional security measures identified through a Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) process.


Telecommunications spaces and pathways shall be treated as restricted zones, access to which is controlled and limited to the authorized and properly security-cleared personnel only. Using appropriate methods, such as installation of electronic access controls, mechanical combination locksets or deadbolts, shall control access. A list of persons authorized to access these spaces shall be maintained. For security audit purposes an access control log should be maintained..