GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety provides a platform and applications, designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface. It collects and correlates events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building systems, etc.) to empower personnel to identify and proactively resolve situations. PSIM integration enables numerous organizational benefits, including increased control, improved situation awareness and management reporting. Ultimately, these solutions allow organisations to reduce costs through improved efficiency and to improve security through increased intelligence. The PSIM also monitors how each operator interacts with the system, tracks any manual changes to security systems and calculates reaction times for each event.

GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety PSIM software system has six key capabilities:

Collection: Device management independent software collects data from any number of disparate security devices or systems.

Analysis: The system analyses and correlates the data, events, and alarms, to identify the real situations and their priority.

Verification: PSIM software presents the relevant situation information in a quick and easily-digestible format for an operator to verify the situation.

Resolution: The system provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), step-by-step instructions based on best practices and an organization’s policies, and tools to resolve the situation.

Reporting: The PSIM software tracks all the information and steps for compliance reporting, training and potentially, in-depth investigative analysis.

A key differential between PSIM based integration and other forms of physical security system integration is the ability for a PSIM platform to connect systems at a data level, contrasting other forms of integration which interface a limited number of products. PSIM allows use of open technologies which are compatible with a large number of manufacturers. These PSIM products offer more opportunities for expansion and can reduce implementation costs through greater use of existing equipment.

Security systems typically integrated into a PSIM solution include;

  • Access control systems
  • CCTV
  • Fire detection
  • Video wall
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Perimeter Intrusion detection system
  • Radar based detection
  • GIS mapping systems
  • Intercom
  • Automated barriers & bollards
  • Building management systems
  • Lighting control system