GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety offer P.A. Systems with very latest amplifiers, microphones and speakers to bring this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces, in equipment so carefully designed that it looks as good as it sounds.

GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety offers a range of presentation and interactive communication meeting solutions. Our Video Conferencing systems are designed and build to each customer by our highly qualified team that focuses on the needs of each customer individually and comes with the best solutions that meets the client’s requirements.

Our solutions include:

  • High-Resolution Monitor and Projection Displays
  • Integrated Professional Audio conferencing
  • Multimedia Content and Delivery
  • Table/Lectern-Mounted Connectivity Modules
  • Video teleconferencing and Tele presence
  • Customized Touch panel User Controls
  • Environmental Lighting, Window and Audio systems
  • Design Build and Service Agreements

GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety provide an initial design concept and preliminary equipment specification to ensure your satisfaction and understanding throughout the process. Upon final design, our team of industry-certified engineers, project managers and field technicians integrate efforts throughout the project life cycle to meet your schedule and budget. Naturally, our quality service includes the Vision extended maintenance and warranty agreements that cover both product and connectivity.

GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety Offers high-tech video conferencing equipment, setting and services, Interacting face to face is now possible regardless of location. Video conferencing brings your meetings to you,instead of having to deal with the headache of traveling. Can't make it to your office? Our services will allow you to share and edit documents from anywhere you are located.

  • Get more done each meeting so you can meet less.
  • No more dealing with security lines at the airport.
  • Miscommunications go away when everyone sees the same thing.

Reach More Customers:

Build better relationships with customers, clients, and even potential employees by using video conferencing before meeting with them in person.

Keep Them Engaged:

Meetings online work just like the board room meetings you're used to. Video conferencing will allow you to share your ideas, identity and thoughts clearly and our team will make sure to make it as if you were there. You can also control Q&A, provide a hands-on experience, and manage large groups easily though conference controls