GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety has been providing design led solutions to access and security for over 15 years in UK. And in 2013 we have started our business in U.A.E to provide the best services in the Middle East.

The Target of GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety is to be recognized as one of the most popular Middle East Leader In physical security Systems, IT Solutions, Telecommunication and successfully provide business, law enforcement & government Security Standards. GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety is a broadly based Security Systems Specialist providing design, supply, installation and maintenance of a wide range of security systems.

GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety operates in an integrated management system, combining quality, commercial expertise and technical disciplines into a coherent, customer-centric approach. We maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our business. We achieve this by a set of principles at the highest levels and across the board


Over the recent years, the company kept increasing its technical and project implementation capabilities in order to deliver quality services at all levels. GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety has access to a wealth of the technical and financial resources necessary to undertake projects of any size or complexity. We have developed partnerships with several industry leaders and technology providers delivering value added in various aspects and fields to our customers and markets and customers. GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety has a broad experience in delivering enterprise wide solutions and systems integration services.

In addition, GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety is a leader in physical and logical security integration and implementation, protecting different size organizations with various levels of complexities, offering design, supply, installation and maintenance of a wide range of systems and equipment and services to several domestic, retail, commercial and industrial premises, government establishments, oil and gas sites, airports, ports and embassies.

quote up Our value proposition is founded on designing and conceiving solutions specifically answering our customers’ functional and business needs and on prioritizing customer service & technical support by making it a core component of our programs. quote down

Mission & Vision


To be the providers of information and communication solutions and systems integration services that deliver long- term business benefits to our Customers, built around our clients core business needs and objectives. Our offering is based on professional, competent and focused resources delivering economical, efficient, durable, flexible and quality results to respond to market and customer needs.

"We achieve this by constantly communicating with our customers and learning from them in order to improve our solutions and services. We strive to stay on top of today's and tomorrow’s technology to ensure the best tools are available to the end user."


GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety Making technology the ultimate tool for achieving competitive advantage in every line of business and adding value to everyday life.


GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety is based on knowledge sharing and collaboration enabled and enhanced technology. We continuously strive to further grow, maintain and disseminate state-of-the-art specialized knowledge about our business GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety consultants not only have professional knowledge and the ability to demonstrate high standing project and personal skills, but they also boast extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise. GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety foremost important skill is the translation of enterprise wide business concepts into integrated working solutions. GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety invests heavily in its primary asset: people, with their ideas, expertise, and experience. In order to enable and foster knowledge GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety relies heavily on technology to improve experience, knowledge transfer and information sharing, speed up decision making, nurture a corporate culture of innovation and creativity, and enforce discipline to deliver with precision and quality.

Our Key Strengths

Integrated project management for turn-key solutions combining agile methodologies Tracking and control of complex processes Nationwide presence and territory domain Deep knowledge of target operational environment and related problems Full control of legacy and emerging technologies from different suppliers Knowledge of the specific plant requirements, both internal and external Prestigious domestic and international references


GOLDEN SHIELD Security & Safety operates under a simple yet robust framework; combining quality, commercial efficiency and technical discipline and competence into a coherent, customer-centric model. We maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our business focusing on the core services and technology integration capabilities.

We achieve this by a set of principles at the highest levels and across the board. These principles govern all operation units’ core processes. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with excellent service and high quality resources.


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